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Russ Tarby

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Join Linda Loomis as she interviews Russ Tarby, creator of the famous Tarby Burger. Russ, who ran a restaurant in Liverpool for 27 years, was a man who loved people. He touched a great many people's lives and had many stories and memories to share. Russ came to Liverpool in 1946. He and his three brothers bought an 1840s saloon/hotel near the corner of Vine and First Streets. They rented out the upstairs rooms to the construction workers who were building General Electric's Electronics Park and started a restaurant on the first floor. The construction workers wanted a quick hearty lunch and so the Tarby Burger was born. Customers came in through the side door of the restaurant and lined up by the kitchen, ordering and picking up their own lunches and dinners. There were no waitresses or frills and the brothers never advertised but the restaurant's reputation spread and the business grew and prospered. There are many people in Liverpool with fond memories of Russ Tarby and his restaurant.

Linda Loomis is the co-editor of the Review, Liverpool's community newspaper, and teaches English at Onondaga Community College.

Running Time: 37:13

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