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Marjorie (Stevens) Sargent

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Join Linda Loomis as she interviews Marjorie Stevens (Stevie) Sargent, a lifelong resident of Liverpool. In the early 1900s, Stevie's father and uncle owned large dairy farms in an around the Liverpool area. They were responsible for the importation and registration of Holstein-Friesian cattle in the United States and sold them world wide. Stevie reminisces about her family's farms and auction barns, friends, neighbors and growing up in Liverpool. Stevie's husband, D. Kenneth Sargent, a former Dean of Architecture at Syracuse University, was an award winning architect who designed Johnson Park and the Liverpool Public Library.

Linda Loomis is the co-editor of the Review, Liverpool's community newspaper, and teaches English at Onondaga Community College.

Running Time: 1:06:01

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