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Town of Salina

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This DVD is an overview of historical highlights of the Town of Salina since its incorporation in 1809. It takes viewers from the earliest days of the salt ("White Gold") and basket weaving industries into the 21st Century. For most of its existence, Salina was a farming area, yielding produce to be sold in area stores and at roadside stands. But during and after World War II, grazing cattle and prolific truck farms gave way to industry, which has, in turn, given way to a service and information economy.

Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra opens this segment of "Liverpool Legends" with reminiscences about growing up in the community as well as thoughts on his role as a public servant in the town. Also interviewed are long-time Galeville residents Marion and Reginald Chester, and Mattydale native Ray Leonard. They share memories of the social, economic and institutional life of the town as well as personal stories of their lives in the community. Additional information about the history of the town can be found in the local history section of the LPL as well as in other Onondaga County libraries.

Running Time: 30:27

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