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Remember WWII: The War in the Pacific

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Remember WWII: The War in the Pacific -- World War II was the first truly global conflict and it affected the entire populations of the countries involved. The United States tried to retain its isolationist policy but was drawn into the war by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Walter Schmidt was drafted in 1942 and served as a medic with the Army Air Force. Walter recalls his experiences in the Aleutian Islands and the Pacific Island of Ie Shima. Ie Shima played an important part in the ending of the war. It was there, on August 19th, 1945, that the Japanese delegation landed their special planes before going on to their meeting with General MacArthur in Manila. It was the first step in the surrender of Japan. Julia Scott joined the Army as a nurse in 1942. She subsequently served in Hawaii and on the island of Saipan. Saipan was an important airbase for the B-29s flying to bomb Japan. The atomic bomb left from Tinian which was Saipan's nearest neighbor. Glenn Burdick, our narrator, worked in a munitions factory in Utica. Many personal and historic photographs are used to illustrate these memories of the war in the Pacific.

Running Time: 29:44

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