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Old Liverpool Road

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Old Liverpool Road is only two and a half miles long but it has a fascinating past. Today this busy road carries thousands of cars a day, their passengers unaware of the historic people, places, and events that took place alongside it.

This production offers a glimpse into Old Liverpool Road's history by inviting you along on a lively virtual drive, from Heid?s Hot Dog Stand to the Will & Baumer Candle Company. The entertaining and often surprising story is written and narrated by local historian Joyce Mills. On the journey you'll discover where trains once stopped to pick up passengers and mail, and where large herds of prize-winning Holstein cattle were raised and auctioned off to buyers from all over the country and the world.

Learn about a factory that had connections to both the Franklin Automobile and Preston S. Tucker, designer of the 1948 sedan known as the ?Tucker Torpedo." Carriage and car manufacturer H.A. Moyer owned a large farm on Old Liverpool Road. His famous son-in-law, Arts and Crafts Movement architect Ward Wellington Ward, built his personal home, LeMoyne Manor, on nearby land overlooking the lake.

Solar salt yards, a canning factory, the candle company, and a plank road tollgate round out the attractions viewed on this delightful and informative journey into the past. Joyce Mills is a former elementary school teacher and retired Liverpool Public Library media specialist. She currently volunteers at the Village Museum and gives local history lectures. (Additional information on the salt industry can be found on the Liverpool Legends DVD Exploring Liverpool's Past.)

Running Time: 44:09

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