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Marlene Ward

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When Marlene Black moved to Liverpool in 1949 she wasn't sure she would like it here. Coming from the city of Albany she thought that Liverpool was "the country." She soon discovered that Liverpool was a great place to live and she has lived here ever since. Marlene attended A.V. Zogg High School where she was a gifted athlete. She earned an athletic letter during a time when it was very unusual for a woman to do so. Graduating in 1953, she married her high school sweetheart, Richard Ward, and turned her talents toward working for community organizations. Starting out as a volunteer at the old library, Marlene is now one of the library's trustees. She is also a member of the Government Relations Committee, the Advisory Board for Onondaga County Public Libraries, and was on the Board of the Humane Association, before becoming a Village Trustee eight years ago. Marlene currently serves as Liverpool's first female mayor. Named Volunteer of the Year for Youth in Onondaga County in 1984, Marlene is a living example of her beliefs. She tells us, "if you enjoy living in a community you should give something back to it and if you don't like something, the best way to change it is to get involved."

Join Linda Loomis as she talks with the Hon. Marlene Ward about her life and her memories of the people and places that are Liverpool.

Running Time: 36:46

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