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Toni Morris

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Join Linda Loomis as she interviews Toni Morris, a recipient of the Onondaga Madison School Board Association Krentel Award for outstanding service to education. Toni has been a member of the Liverpool Board of Education for 19 years and the BOCES Board of Education for 13 years. Toni remembers going to Buckley Road School 35 years ago to enroll her son and meeting the principal, Nate Perry. She was involved in school activities from that moment on because, as she says, "no one ever met Nate Perry and didn't get involved in their children's lives at school."

Toni relates her passage from room mother to school board member and talks about some of the problems and issues faced by the Liverpool Central School District over the years.

Linda Loomis is the editor of the Review, Liverpool's community newspaper, and teaches English at Onondaga Community College.

Running Time: 40:40

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