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Father Charles Major

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Recorded January 11, 2006 as part of the Liverpool Public Library's ongoing local history video project, this session with the Rev. Charles Major, pastor of St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church, focuses on the role of the parish in the Liverpool community. Here, Father Major reflects upon his youth and his recognition of vocation while on a summer event of Catholic Action while he was an undergraduate at LeMoyne College.

Topics discussed in this session include: the closing of the parish school and the subsequent uses of the space for a day care facility and the Tulip street Center; spaghetti dinners for confirmation classes and the four questions that are asked; the new organ and revitalized music program; contributions of staff members; food pantry and other missions of the parish; and the changes in society, the Roman Catholic Church, and the local church since 1977, when Father Major arrived. He speaks of the importance of the sacraments, sharing with parishioners the most significant moments of their lives, and of his sense of personal fulfillment and blessing in serving God in this community.

Running Time: 35:30

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