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Memories of Longbranch Park with Kermit Maurer

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Kermit Maurer had a successful career at Carrier Corporation before his retirement. In this local history video recorded in the summer of 2000, he recalls the days of his youth when, as grandson of the resort king Bernhart Maurer, he reveled in the fun of Long Branch Amusement Park.

Long Branch was one of the most successful of the entertainment centers that ringed Onondaga Lake at the turn of the 20th century. It was billed as a family park, a place where people of all ages could enjoy a day's outing.

Bernhart Maurer, a German immigrant who arrived in the United States at age four, founded the park in 1887 and, with assistance from his son (Kermit's father), ran it for nearly 50 years. He built an empire of games, midway rides, and refreshment areas which were served by boat, train, trolley, and finally, automobile.

In this program, Kermit describes the physical layout of the resort, including six bowling lanes and seven billiards tables located under the dance hall. He recalls living a privileged youth, enjoying access to the rides and falling asleep in his grandparents' apartment to the music of the carousel.

Many historic photographs of Long Branch Park are included.

Running Time: 32:00

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