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This is the story, as told by Mike Hennigan and his mother, Mary Jane Hennigan, of Nichols Market, a popular neighborhood grocery that has its roots in the past but continues to thrive in 21st Century Liverpool. Mike is the third generation Hennigan involved in the selling of quality meats and groceries. He recalls happy times in his childhood that involved visiting his grandfather's market on Syracuse's West side. Mike's father, Jim, had been working at that store when he learned that the well-established Nichols market on First Street in Liverpool was up for sale. He purchased the store in 1959. As the Hennigans expanded their business, adding a liquor store in 1973, the stores and parking areas required seven separate renovations and used 14 individual pieces of property. While all of the Hennigan offspring worked in the store at some point during their youth, Mike decided to accept his father's offer to come into the business full time in 1977, following his college graduation. Mentioned in this video are longtime employees Willis Tutor, Bob Cooper, and Mary Horton, as well as other local businesses: Heid's, Tarby's, and Liverpool Lumber. The Rev. Charles Major, Sharon Fulmer, Maureen Andrzejewski, and Jackie Pfisterer are mentioned, as are the following events: Senior Daze, Liverpool Days, the Folksmarch, and Halloween celebrations.

Running Time: 39:18

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