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Ghosts of Liverpool Village's Past - Bluray

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Intriguing characters pumped life into the Village of Liverpool's veins back in the day. People who pioneered industry, paved political trails and entertained the masses along the shores of Onondaga Lake."Liverpool Legends: Ghosts of Liverpool Village's Past" imagines what some of the most important figures were like during critical moments of their life. With the narration of Jon Anderson, a historian in the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office you'll encounter: First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt as she visits Mayor Michael Heid for an extended and informative chat (1940). Basket maker John Fischer (1850-1897) as he explains the nuances of the willow industry in a voice all his own. Balloonist James Buckingham, aka Professor De Ives - after he dove from his basket over the lake and became tragically tangled in its depths (1891).

Running Time: 39:50

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