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GE Heavy Military

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This DVD is a companion volume to Liverpool Legends: Electronics Park, released in 2006. That production describes the growth of General Electric's commercial operations in Liverpool and its impact on the employees and the surrounding community - told through the words of the individuals who designed the products and worked on the production lines.

Liverpool Legends: GE Heavy Military continues the story from the 1940s through the 1990s, tracing GE's local shift from its emphasis on consumer products to heavy military and aerospace application development. The feeling of safety Americans experienced after the decisive victories of World War II evaporated with news of the A-bomb, followed by the development of the H-bomb.

The Cold War and the reality of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles put the nation on edge. Public bomb shelter signs appeared everywhere and private fallout shelters were constructed in backyards. School "Duck-And-Cover" drills became the norm. GE responded to the new challenges by developing state-of-the art early detection technologies, which played key roles in the defense of America. The DEW Line, SONAR, and over the horizon radar are some of the systems mentioned.

Narrated by 34-year GE employee Steve Auyer, this DVD provides glimpses of Cold War life in the Liverpool area and describes GE's Heavy Military leadership and corporate culture. The story is told through the words of individuals who designed, installed, and maintained the ground-breaking systems?knowing that their largely secret and unsung work was helping to make their community, and the world, safer. Technology transfers to spinoff businesses like Genigraphics and Geniponics are also discussed. This DVD also contains bonus material including advertisements and information on many of the products and systems developed at GE during this period.

Running Time: 58:33

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