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Joan Gleason Fickett, PhD

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Join Linda Loomis as she interviews Joan Gleason Fickett whose grandfather, Frank S. Gleason, lived at 314 First Street and kept a diary from 1893 to 1903. The diary, published in 1996, provides us with a rare glimpse of daily life in Liverpool during the last half of the 19th Century. Joan talks of her relatives and reads passages from the diary that recall memories of a gentler time when people "called" on each other and a "church socialble rated equal mention with a National Rail Strike."

Dr. Fickett is a Linguistic Anthropologist who taught at Fairleigh Dickenson University. Now retired, Joan lives in the Adirondack Mountains where she is currently working on a companion volume to her grandfather's diary.

Linda Loomis is an English Professor at the State University of New York at Oswego.

Running Time: 38:58

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