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Rosalind Feikert

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Join our village historian, Dorianne Elitharp Gutierrez, as she interviews Rosalind Feikert. Rosalind was born in 1903 and has lived on Second Street all her life. Rosalind grew up in the house at 616 Second Street. After she married, she moved into a new house located at 608 Second Street. That house was designed for the newlyweds by good friend and budding architect, D. Kenneth Sargent. Rosalind recalls belonging to the Jr. Red Cross during World War I, visits to Longbranch Park, picnics in Johnson Park and attending school over the old fire barn on Brow Street. When Rosalind walked to school, Liverpool's streets were still dirt roads and horses were the main mode of transportation. Rosalind's memories of Liverpool span almost a century.

Running Time: 21:56

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