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Remember WWII: The War in Europe

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Remember WWII: The War in Europe -- The United States was sympathetic to the plight of Europe during World War II but was committed to its isolationist policy. The attack on Pearl Harbor followed on December eleventh by Germany's declaration of war ensured our involvement in both Europe and the Pacific. World War II was an overwhelming experience for those who lived through it and became a defining moment in the lives of those who fought in it. Robert Albro joined the Army in 1942. He was assigned to the Signal Corps and saw action in Africa, Italy, France and Germany. Glenn Burdick worked in a munitions factory in Utica. He recalls what life was like on the home front. David Henes was drafted in 1942. He saw action in France and Germany and was a part of the famous Red Ball Express that brought supplies to the front. Robert Kimman joined the Air Force in 1942. In 1943 he caught yellow jaundice and while recuperating put together an orchestra. Bob entertained many of our troops in Italy and returned to the States in 1944 to perform in hospital shows and sell War Bonds. Many personal and historic photographs are used to illustrate these memories of the war in Europe.

Running Time: 28:54

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