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Electronics Park

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Over 60 years ago, in the waning days of World War II, General Electric announced plans for a new manufacturing facility near Liverpool NY. Designed for the high-volume production of consumer electronics, the one hundred fifty-five acre site was called "Electronics Park." Today it is known as Electronics Business Park, a multi-use campus managed by the Syracuse Metropolitan Development Authority. How Electronics Park evolved into Electronics Business Park is a fascinating story. It impacted not only the surrounding communities; it changed the lives of literally tens of thousands of employees and their families. Narrated by Steve Auyer, a long-time GE employee, this DVD illustrates how Walter R.G. Baker developed the area into a new kind of industrial park. Told by the men and women who worked the General Electric assembly lines, designed components, and engineered the many items produced at this site, this video offers a unique look at the rich history of Liverpool. This DVD also contains bonus materials including vintage television and radio commercials, newspaper articles, and advertisements about Electronics Park.

Running Time: 37:10

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