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This is the story of the Bayberry Community, a neighborhood north of Liverpool, NY in the town of Clay. From its beginnings in the mid-1950s, Bayberry has been a hallmark of innovation: from the layout of its looped streets to the intentional creation of community by its early residents. This video tells the stories of those who first settled in this development and recounts how Bayberry contributed to their lives and the vitality of the surrounding area.

Narrated by June Baycura, former president of the Bayberry Community Association and current Bayberry historian, this video offers a glimpse of what it was like to be a part of the brand-new community that rose up from the fields of the Melvin farm on Oswego Road (NY Route 57) north of the village of Liverpool.

The sense of community formed in Bayberry's early years enriched the lives of those who lived and grew up there. Children formed lifelong friendships with neighborhood playmates and adults forged a sense of cooperative spirit that has sustained them through the years. Bayberry has a lot to teach us about living together and being good neighbors: lessons that can strengthen communities in Onondaga County and beyond.

This DVD also contains bonus materials, accessible with your computer's DVD-ROM drive, including photos and video clips of the streets of Bayberry.

This video is made possible with funds from NYSOPRHP secured by Senator John DeFrancisco's Heritage Grant Program, administered by the Cultural Resources Council.

Running Time: 48:01

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