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Carol & Willard Bahn

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Join Linda Loomis as she talks to Carol and Willard Bahn about their memories of growing up in Liverpool and the changes they have seen in the village over the past 60 years. Willard recalls when his uncle farmed the 8 acre site now occupied by St. Joseph's Church. That parcel of land didn't become part of the village until the early 30s. He also remembers western horse sales at the RC Melvin barn, willow weaving, ice boating, and various other activities. Carol's family moved to Liverpool when she was nine years old. She remembers noticing Willard in one of her high school classes but they didn't start to date until 10 years later. She shares her memories of schools, teachers, church activities, and dancing at Drumlins during the late 40s.

Linda Loomis is the editor of Review, Liverpool's community newspaper, and teaches English at Onondaga Community College.

Running Time: 53:47

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